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Credit: a derivative of the Latin word “creditus”(“to believe”), which is the equivalent of “to trust”

A business is giving you their services or merchandise and trusts that you will pay for these items at a later date.Credit has become part of our daily financial lives. People are making fewer cash purchases and are relying more and more on credit cards, debit cards, and automatic banking transactions.

Your personal credit history is linked to almost every purchase you make. From cell phones, vehicle financing, mortgages, insurance and even job applications, people are viewing your credit reports more often than the average consumer realizes. This is one reason it has become more important than ever to maintain a good credit history. Making payments on time, avoiding unnecessary debt, and keeping a close eye on your credit reports are ways to ensure your good credit doesn’t become bad credit.

Understanding, using and managing your personal credit is usually the key factor that determines your lifestyle. Because your credit plays such a major role in your life; why not learn now and save yourself some serious headaches, turndowns and rejection.

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Credit Reports

Proactively monitoring your credit reports and continually working at maximizing your scores has become increasingly important. We recommend you evaluate your credit reports quarterly or even monthly.


  • Identity theft is affecting one out of every five people in the United States.
  • Junk debt buyers and shady collection agencies are deceptively re-reporting and illegally placing bogus debts on credit reports in the attempt to extort money by destroying your credit.
  • Your credit dictates your lifestyle, home, vehicles, investments, insurance and career!
  • Over 70% of credit reports contain inaccuracies. Do yours?

We recommend Identity Guard

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Credit Repair Service

Despite the controversy, credit repair does work if performed correctly and with a bit of persistence. You as a consumer have the right to challenge any item you feel is inaccurate as often as you feel necessary and each time you submit a dispute, the credit bureau must either re-verify the disputed item with the source that reported it or remove it!

The credit bureaus that store your credit history are privately owed corporations that make a fortune selling your personal financial history. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, (The BIG 3) intentionally make the entire process especially difficult in the attempt to sway you from continuing your quest to repair your credit.


Because every time you submit a dispute; an investigation must be conducted.
Under the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, there are very strict laws in place that regulate these companies and their activities. Right now, the credit bureaus are costing you money. Use these laws and information to your advantage, don’t let them disadvantage you.

Repair your credit yourself for free

Free with our Complimentary Credit Repair Kit!

“I don’t have any time to repair my credit myself!”

The credit repair industry has its share of “BAD APPLES”. Just like any other industry financial predators (thieves) prefer to prey on people who are desperately in need of help but don’t know what to do. The credit industry is so taboo and unknown to the majority of the population that it makes it easy for these criminals to steal your hard earned money. The federal government has adopted a new set of laws called the Federal Credit Repair Organizations Act to help regulate companies that charge excessive fees and scams.
Regardless of these new laws, the majority of “Credit Repair Organizations” will still overcharge you and do little or nothing in return for your hard earned money. In our years of industry experience we have only been able to find ONE effective and affordable company that gets the job done. Us!

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Free Credit Repair Kit

Yes, it’s a fact. You are able to repair your credit on your own. It’s not brain surgery, but it does take time, patience and persistence. Credit Assistance Network has revised and republished our “FREE Credit Helper Do It Yourself Credit Repair Kit & Legal Letter System” for the 2nd time in January 2006. You may download the entire e-Book as well as the 20 pre-typed sample letters free of charge.

If your credit is a complete disaster, you may want to consider allowing us to repair your credit. Click here to learn more....


Building Credit

Building credit is the key to an excellent credit score. You are born with a ZERO credit score. When you are old enough to apply for credit you’re given a chance to make good on credit extended to you and with this new responsibility you are given a set credit score. Pay on time and use your credit wisely and your score will increase, default on any account and your score will drop like a thermometer.

Building credit takes time, money and technique. Each time you apply for credit your score will be affected so you must apply for and build your credit wisely to ensure a good credit score.
There are very important guidelines to seasoning your credit. If you are serious about having ideal credit scores, we encourage you to read up and learn. If at anytime you have a question about any credit, debt or home loan topic; you can ask the experts.


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