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Mexico - Bank of Mexico -
Monetary and exchange-rate policies, numismatic information and quarterly inflation reports.

Czech National Bank -
Legal function, monetary policy, banking supervision, payment systems, and economic and financial statistics.

Russia - Bank of Russia -
History, balance sheet, press notices, and data release calendar.

Nigeria - Central Bank of Nigeria -
Includes a history of Nigerian monetary policy and of Nigeria's foreign exchange market, press releases, and statistics on government finances and on the economy.

India - Reserve Bank of India -
Information about monetary policy and operations, issues of government securities, financial and economic statistics, and the RBI museum.

Australia - Reserve Bank of Australia -
Monetary policy statements, economic statistics, description of the payment system, information on banknotes, and other publications and research.

Turkey - Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey -
History, structure, governing law, and financial and statistical data delivery system.

Thailand - Central Bank of Thailand -
Decisions of the Monetary Policy Committee, guide to financial investment in Thailand, debt issuance announcements, payment systems, banknotes, and details of assistance to priority economic sectors.

Venezuela - Banco Central de Venezuela -
Has some press releases and financial statements in English, and more content in Spanish.

Latvia - Bank of Latvia -
About the bank, its monetary policy, payment systems, laws, a history of Latvian money and balance sheets of credit institutions.

Indonesia - Bank Indonesia -
Press releases, regulations including exchange controls, and monetary, economic and banking indicators.

Poland - National Bank of Poland -
Structure, governing legislation, economic statistics, and a list of banks in Poland.

Malaysia - Bank Negara Malaysia -
Exchange controls, national data summary, press notices and a summary of Malaysian financial system.

Brazil - Central Bank of Brasil -
Inflation reports, regulations, economic and statistical information, payment system, and history.

Pakistan - State Bank of Pakistan -
IMF agreements, operation of monetary policy, Act and Charter.

China - State Administration of Foreign Exchange -
Press notices from mainland China's FX management agent.

Japan - Bank of Japan -
Monetary policy meetings and minutes, speeches, research papers, statistical releases, quarterly bulletin, and sources of changes in account balances at the BoJ.

Canada - Bank of Canada -
Press notices, economic information, explanation of inflation target and market operations, careers and economic research.

Argentina - Central Bank of the Argentine Republic -
Mission statement, and list of financial institutions.

Bermuda Monetary Authority -
List of institutions, links, collectors notes and coins; about Bermuda, and how to form a Bermudan entity.

Croatian National Bank -
List of banks, policy tools, regulations and legislation, economic and financial statistics, and information on coins and banknotes.

Sweden - Riksbanken -
Economic and financial data for Sweden, FX reserves, and information on government debt.

New Zealand - Reserve Bank of New Zealand -
Monetary policy, statistics, the banking system and New Zealand's unusual method of supervision, payment systems, RBNZ research papers and about the new series of polymer banknotes.

Chile - Central Bank of Chile -
Origin and history and policy objectives.

Swiss National Bank -
General remarks on price stability and relevance of LIBOR to monetary policy, rules on monetary-policy repo tenders, schedule of forthcoming speeches, data and statistics.

Hungary - National Bank of Hungary -
Financial information including the history of the composition of the currency basket and its relationship to the forint, economic statistics, and legislative information.

Bulgarian National Bank -
List of banks, money-supply statistics, and legal framework.

South Korea - Bank of Korea -
Economic releases, FX system, chemical composition of coins, and a brief history of the Korean financial system.

Slovakia - National Bank of Slovakia -
Annual Report, monetary and macroeconomic information, banking information, legislation and the Museum of Coins and Medals.

Tunisia - Central Bank of Tunisia -
Currency museum, history of credit ratings, and steps towards full convertibility of the currency.

Ukraine - National Bank of Ukraine -
Law, financial statements, spheres of activity, and pictures of the banknotes.

Armenia - Central Bank of Armenia -
About Armenia and the Central Bank, list of financial institutions, and money-supply statistics.

Kazakhstan - National Bank of Kazakhstan -
Brief explanation of monetary policy, banknotes and coins, and daily FX quotations.

Singapore - Monetary Authority of Singapore -
Directory of financial institutions, statutes and regulations, the "data room" of monetary information, and a licensing guide.

Azerbaijan - National Bank of Azerbaijan Republic -
History of policy rates and T-bill issuance, spot FX rates, the bank's internal structure, and addresses of regional offices.

Denmark - Nationalbank -
Explanation of monetary policy, the discount rate and CIBOR, notes and coins, bank, mortgage and capital-market statistics, and information on government debt.

Bahrain Monetary Agency -
List of financial institutions, rules and regulations, money and banking statistics, annual report and quarterly bulletin.

Guatemala - Bank of Guatemala -
Economic information and statistics and contact information.

Belarus - National Bank of the Republic of Belarus -
Background, monetary policy guidelines, and list of banks (both open and closed).

Egypt - Central Bank of Egypt -
Current FX rates, history of Egyptian money, and the latest annual report and quarterly economic review.

Philippines - Central Bank of the Philippines -
Objectives, functions, calendar of economic releases, and a list of answers to FAQs about the peso's depreciation.

Kenya - Central Bank of Kenya -
Includes a weekly bulletin describing financial conditions.

Yemen - Central Bank of Yemen -
Function and structure, branches, pictures of currency, balance sheet and FX rates.

Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency -
Currency museum, stock quotations and press releases.

Iraq - Central Bank of Iraq -
Includes information on the daily dollar auctions, the governor, and the rebuilding of Iraq's financial architecture.

China - People's Bank of China -
Speeches, statistics, rules and regulations for and supervision of financial institutions.

Macedonia - National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia -
Monetary policy mechanism, payment system, and exchange-control rules.

Bahamas - Central Bank of The Bahamas -
Brief summary of monetary policy, foreign exchange regime and regulatory environment.

Lithuania - Bank of Lithuania -
Publications, balance sheets of credit institutions, banknotes, and an explanation of the change in the currency peg from USD to EUR at the start of February 2002.

Georgia - National Bank of Georgia -
Monetary policy and FX regime, acution details, the payment system, and restrictions on the export of currency.

Iceland - Central Bank of Iceland -
Official reserves, report on inflation target, annual reports, the 2001 Act of the Central Bank of Iceland, and historical data for REIBID and REIBOR.

Colombia - Bank of the Republic -
History, economic statistics, inflation and exchange rate reports, banking operations and regulations, and gold museum.

Qatar Central Bank -
Structure, law and descriptions of banks.

Peru - Central Reserve Bank of Peru -
Monetary operations, periodic and special reports, and facts about the BCRP.

Taiwan - Central Bank of China -
FX statistics, financial institutions, government bond and treasury bill auctions (excel format), monetary policy announcements, and information about new banknotes and coins.

Cayman Islands Monetary Authority -
Investment services, requirements for creating a bank or insurance company, history of the currency (including the monetary divorce from Jamaica), and economic statistics.

Tanzania - Bank of Tanzania -
Debt buyback information, list of registered banks and supervision regulations, payment system, bond bill auction details and application forms, and the Bank of Tanzania Training Institute.

Serbia - National Bank of Serbia - http://www.nbs.yu/
Formerly the National Bank of Yugoslavia, site has history and organization, regulations, monetary policy, the banking system, and how to form a bank.

Nicaragua - Banco Central de Nicaragua -
With annual reports and bulletins of the Central Bank of Nicaragua, statistics, and economic indicators. Current information in Spanish, most documents available in English.

Uganda - Bank of Uganda -
Staff papers, annual reports, occasional reports on the state of the economy, and information about the BoU's various credit programs.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority -
Workings of its currency board, banking policy and supervision, debt market developments, HIBOR fixings and press releases.

Libya - Central Bank of Libya -
The monetary authority in the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. Includes some recent laws, a brief history, and more content in Arabic.

Solomon Islands - Central Bank of Solomon Islands -
Annual and quarterly reports, monthly economic bulletins, Currency collectibles, and tenders of Solomon Islands Government Treasury Bills.

Lebanon - Central Bank of Lebanon -
Economic and financial data, exchange and payments systems, the history of the Lebanese pound, and information on the banking and financial sectors.

Rwanda - National Bank of Rwanda -
Information on bank supervision and monetary policy in English and French.

Jordan - Central Bank of Jordan -
Law and organization structure.

Nepal Rastra Bank -
Quarterly economic bulletin, basic economic indicators, information about the rural self-reliance fund and a history of Nepalese capital markets.

Laos - Bank of the Lao P.D.R. -
Includes current FX prices and information on the currency and legislation.

Ghana - Bank of Ghana -
History of the bank and contact information.

Palestinian Monetary Authority -
List of banks, statistical bulletins, and information about the intended future issuance of a Palestinian monetary unit.

Estonia - Bank of Estonia -
Daily FX fixings, monetary policy framework, Estonian banking system, Estonian banknotes and coins, and papers on the EU accession process.

Tajikistan - National Bank of Tajikistan -
Banking and payments news in English, Russian and Tajik.

Trinidad and Tobago - Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago -
Economic commentary and outlook, monetary statistics, and daily inter-bank interest rates.

Oman - Central Bank of Oman -
About the bank and contact information, monthly and quarterly bulletins, and information about commemorative coins.

Netherlands Antilles - Central Bank Netherlands Antilles -
Lists of financial institutions, rules applicable to them, quarterly bulletins and annual reports, and Dutch-language job vacancies.

Kyrgyzstan - National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic -
Legal staus, foreign exchange laws and monetary policy.

El Salvador - Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador -
Structure of the financial system, monthly statistical bulletin, and mission statement.

Zambia - Bank of Zambia -
Economic and financial data, BoZ publications and press releases.

Albania - Bank of Albania -
Minutes of the meetings of the Supervisory Council.

Belize - Central Bank of Belize -
About the bank's mission and organizational structure, and some economic information.

Lesotho - Central Bank of Lesotho -
Rural finance and credit scheme, central bank acts and exchange control orders.

Ethiopia - National Bank of Ethiopia -
History of financial Institutions in Ethiopia; about the Ethiopian Institute of Banking and Insurance (EIBI); and results of weekly auctions of foreign exchange.

Barbados - Central Bank of Barbados -
About the bank, Barbados links, and monetary policy.

Bangladesh Bank -
Also known as the "Central Bank of Bangladesh". About the financial system, the convertibility of Taka, and economic and statistical data about the economy.

Morocco - Bank Al-Maghrib -
Annual report and monetary statistics.

Iran - Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran -
With information about the currency, the bank, and governing legislation.

Zimbabwe - Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe -
FX in and outflows, supervision and surveillance annual reports, and monthly audited accounts.

Jamaica - Bank of Jamaica -
Statistical digest, quarterly monetary policy report, and balance sheet.

United Arab Emirates - Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates -
Organisation, and brief comments on the state of the economy and the tools it uses.

Aruba - Central Bank of Aruba -
History, legislation and decrees, and economic statistics.

Namibia - Bank of Namibia -
Balance sheet, payment system, exchange control rules, and announcements of auctions of government debt.

Macau - Monetary Authority of Macau -
History, goals, structure, regulatory orders for banking and insurance, economic statistics and a list of commemorative coins.

Sri Lanka - Central Bank of Sri Lanka -
Daily SLIBOR and exchange rates, monthly bulletin and prices at open market operations.

Mauritius - Bank of Mauritius -
List of commercial banks and application forms for T-Bill purchases.

Suriname - Centrale Bank van Suriname -
With pictures of items in the collection of The Numismatic Museum of the Centrale Bank van Suriname.

Mozambique - Bank of Mozambique -
History, financial and credit statistics, and MAIBOR rates.

Papua New Guinea - Bank of Papua New Guinea -
Explanation of the objectives and implementation of monetary policy, the rules of exchange controls, and the operation of the government securities market.

Fiji - Reserve Bank of Fiji -
Working papers, regulatory framework, currency collectables, and a webcam giving the best view from any central bank.

Samoa - Central Bank of Samoa -
Mission, annual reports and monetary surveys, and speeches.

Guyana - Bank of Guyana -
Banking, financial-sector and economic statistics, legal tender, legal and regulatory framework, press releases and contact information.

Seychelles - Central Bank of Seychelles -
History, exchange rate system and peg weights, economic statistics, quarterly review and annual report.

Mongolia - Bank of Mongolia -
Monthly bulletins, banking law, monetary statistics, history and banknotes.

East Timor - Banking and Payments Authority of Timor-Leste -
Includes the balance sheet of the Autoridade Bancária e de Pagamentos de Timor-Leste.

Bhutan - Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan -
Describes the RMA's legal status, roles, and has the text of relevant laws.

Sierra Leone - Bank of Sierra Leone -
Includes banking guidelines for diamond exporters.

Cuba - Banco Central de Cuba -
Comments on monetary policy, on bank supervision, and on the BCC's moves towards a gross real-time settlement system.

Bosnia - Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina -
Legislative structure, history, directories of banks and other associations, notes and coins, and statistical reports.

Maldives Monetary Authority -
Includes copies of the Quarterly Economic Bulletin.

Liberia - Central Bank of Liberia -
Includes information on the check-clearing system.

Trans-Dniester Republican Bank -
History and press releases.

Malawi - Reserve Bank of Malawi -
The publications including the minutes of the MPC meetings.

Northern Cyprus - Central Bank of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus -
Includes some of the main banking regulations and a list of banks.

Brunei Currency Board -
History, legislation, and currency statistics.

Afghanistan - Da Afghanistan Bank -
With legal and other information about Afghanistan's central bank.

Somaliland - Bank of Somaliland -
Also known as Baanka Somaliland; site has a list of departments, branches and directors.

Vanuatu - Reserve Bank of Vanuatu -
Includes a brief history, pictures of commemorative coins and information about the regulation of financial services.

Tonga - National Reserve Bank of Tonga -
With information on the law, bank supervision, government bonds, currency and numismatics.

Swaziland - Central Bank of Swaziland -
With an explanation of the central bank's mission, monetary surveys back to 1980, and bill tenders.

Andorra - Institut Nacional Andorrà de Finances -
With information on the Andorran financial system in English, Spanish, French and Catalan.

Faroe Islands - Governmental Bank of the Faroe Islands -
Accounts, external reserves, and information about the Faroe Islands economy.

Sudan - Bank of Sudan -
Economic indicators, spot FX, annual reports and contact details.

Kuwait - Central Bank of Kuwait -
Purpose, exchange-rate policy, and monetary statistics.

South African Reserve Bank -
Bank supervision acts and regulations, money-market operations, statement of policy on forward FX trading, press releases, monetary-policy statements, and about the South African Reserve Bank College.

Romania - National Bank of Romania -
Museum, economic and financial statistics, press releases, banking licenses and regulations.

Israel - Bank of Israel -
Semi-annual inflation reports, government bond auctions, and announcements relating to banking supervision.

Botswana - Bank of Botswana -
Legislation, speeches, a list of financial institutions, and information on Pula-denominated government bonds.

Moldova - National Bank of Moldova -
Summary of the workings of the domestic debt market.

Gambia - Central Bank of The Gambia -
With information on foreign exchange, government securities, and the structure of the financial system.

United Kingdom - Bank of England -
The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street. Site has publications including the semi-annual Practical Issues Arising From the Euro, minutes of monthly monetary-policy meetings, weekly Bank Return, and other press releases.

Norway - Norges Bank -
Press releases on monetary policy and related matters, and a detailed section on the Government Petroleum Fund, managed by a separate unit within Norges Bank called Norges Bank Investment Management.




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