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Letter 8

Request to Merge Inquiries Letter

This letter is used to combine several inquiries into one. For example, you may have applied for a home loan with a mortgage broker who allowed many companies to pull your credit report, which would have a negative impact on your credit.

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To Whom It May Concern,

I have recently found on my credit report the presence of several inquiries as entries separated from their corresponding accounts. These inquiries duplicate inaccurately the information in my report, and reflect an incomplete and inaccurate processing of information in my file.The inquiry entries should be deleted, or at least merged into the accounts to which they belong. The accounts in question are:

Company Name Account #
_________________________________________________ ____________________________________
_________________________________________________ ____________________________________
_________________________________________________ ____________________________________
_________________________________________________ ____________________________________

Under the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act 15 USC Section 1681i, please reinvestigate and delete these disputed items, and send me the names and addresses of persons contacted. Under 15 USC Section 1681i (5)(A), you are allowed thirty days from receipt of this letter to complete these actions, unless you immediately notify me otherwise. Please understand that failure to re-verify these items within this time constitutes non-verification, and the items must be promptly deleted as per Section 1681i (a).
Also, according to 15 USC Section 1681i (D) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, please notify me when the items have been deleted, and send an updated copy of my credit report to the address below. There should be no charge for notification of changes on my credit report, pursuant to 15 USC section 1681j, of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
I appreciate your assistance with this matter.



Full Name:__________________________________________________________________

Social Security Number: _____________ - _______ - ______________

Current Address: _________________________________________________________

Previous Address: _______________________________________________________











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