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Letter 5

Reminder to Respond Letter

This letter is used as a reminder notice to the credit bureau that they have not been able to verify the accuracy of the items previously disputed within 30 days so under federal law the item(s) must be deleted. This letter should include the original dispute letter and be sent certified mail return receipt.

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Certified Mail #__________________________________________________

To Whom It May Concern,

Thirty days ago you received my letter deposited by registered mail with the US Postal Service. In my letter I had disputed several items listed on my credit report, issued by your firm. The items were outdated and inaccurate. Attached is a copy of the original letter.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act 15 USC 1681i (5)(A), you had 30 days from the receipt of my letter to respond to my request for re-verification of the erroneous items. You have failed to respond in a timely manner to my request for re-verification. Therefore, it must be that the information on my credit report was either inaccurate or could not be re-verified. In either case, according to the provisions of 15 USC section 1681i (a), the items must be deleted immediately. The listed items represent a very serious error in your reporting. Please respond immediately so that I do not need to pursue my legal rights under 15 USC Section 1681n or 1681o, which require your compliance with the law.

Also, pursuant to 15 USC Section 1681i (d) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, please notify me when the items are deleted. Send me an updated copy of my credit report to the address below, as well as to any other party that has inquired about my credit within the last six months.

My personal information is as follows:

Full Name:_________________________________________________

Social Security Number: _______________ - _______ - ____________

Date of Birth:_____________________

Current Address:_______________________________

Previous Address:______________________________



Date: ______________________________________











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