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Letter 13

Creditor Settlement Offer Letter

This letter is meant for offering a settlement to pay off a debt that is owed. If the debt has already been sold to a collection company you can probably settle for less then 50% of the original balance.

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To Whom It May Concern:

According to your records, I owe an outstanding balance of $_____________, in reference to account number _____________________________.

I feel I have a moral obligation to pay this debt I owe; however, I do not have enough money to pay you in full. I would like to offer you a settlement amount of $_________________ to consider this account paid.

Please accept this offer as it is all I can afford. If you accept this offer; please send me a letter that you are in agreement to the following terms:

1. You accept a one time lump sum payment of $_____________ to satisfy my debt of $_____________ owed to you.

2. You agree to cease collection attempts.

3. You agree to report to the credit bureaus Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax that this debt has been satisfied. Preferably that the debt has been paid in full; however that decision rests on your shoulders.

4. You will send proof of satisfaction to me stating that the debt has been satisfied as soon as my funds have cleared.

When I receive your letter I will immediately send you the agreed amount so I can get this burden behind me. I appreciate your consideration of my offer and thank you for your time.






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